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IPX EG recognizes that your business requires a stable internet connection for you to achieve maximum performance. We know you want to keep in touch with friends and family from the comfort of your home. Whether it is video conferencing with business partners overseas or staying in touch with friends, IPX EG has the right solution for you.

We offer communications solutions that are right-sized for you – with highly competitive prices. Delivered via seamless 4G Wimax and Fiber Optics technology, our high-speed bandwidth options guarantee you stay connected to your world.

Go as fast as you want to go with the internet bandwidth of your choice – IPX EG offers three fast speed solutions:

Fast Internet Connection in Malabo, Bata Equatorial Guinea

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Our Small Business solutions are perfect for small offices of less than 15 users that are in need of reliable internet to browse the web, check emails etc.For home users, these solutions, distributed over our licensed WiMax platform, provide fast and reliable internet connectivity to always stay on touch with friends and family.

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4G WIMAX Internet Connection in Malabo, Bata Equatorial Guinea

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